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Specific support to projects through Screen Australia`s production investment programmes since the Agency`s creation in July 2008. Includes investments, loans and grants. Without a producer compensation and fairness program. Davo Hardy said in interviews that the film was a response to his film mentors, who told him he couldn`t be a director because of his real stuttering. [7] Filmes com imagens, situações e personagens gays IMDb: Filmow: The film has been submitted to numerous festivals due to its use of Auslan and qualified as a foreign language film. Many lgbt-related festivals and organizations that care for deaf and disabled people have praised A Silent Agreement for its authentic portrayals of deaf characters with deaf actors. [12] [13] Reuben Heywood is an aspiring writer struggling with anxiety, manifesting himself as stuttering as he tries to build a career as a writer and actor. When a performance in an amateur theater goes wrong, Reuben is intimidated by the troupe leader and a sign language interpreter. Derek Shanahan, a deeply deaf man in the audience (played by Joshua Sealy), comes to justify it, and the two form a friendship that quickly turns into a sexual relationship. Gareth, meanwhile, has reached a low point in his career. He is over 50 years old and laments his lost youth and his career in decline. Eager for a chance to return, Gareth agrees to meet Reuben and discuss their collaboration on The Burden of Being Me.

Derek is also present at the meeting and is quick to point out Gareth`s self-obsessed narcissism. but Ruben neglects his observations, blinded by the support Gareth offers. Derek`s mother, Faye Shanahan, and his sister Courtney deeply protect Derek and treat Ruben`s artistic ambitions with skepticism. Faye, a painter, discourages Derek`s involvement in Ruben`s cinema in favor of noble causes to support the education of the deaf and defend human rights in the footsteps of Helen Keller. Reuben acknowledges the hypocrisy and continues to follow his film with Derek and Gareth. Soon after, Reuben receives a moving call from Courtney stating that Derek has suddenly died from an accident. At the funeral, Faye confronts Ruben and begs him to continue to honor Derek`s memory, but also to honor himself. Meanwhile, Lillian reads an article about Ruben`s play dedicated to Derek`s memory. Gareth`s only response is to make sure the play has no connection to the film he now owns the rights to, otherwise they would have to sue. Furious at Gareth`s lack of heart, Lillian beats him and vows to cancel the contracts she had made for Gareth.

When Lillian realizes that her chance to have children has missed her, she leaves Gareth and visits Ruben in the theater where he and Derek met. She encourages him to rewrite his story from scratch and change the key elements so that Gareth cannot claim copyright infringement. Similarly, Faye restores her support for Ruben, around the time of her first Christmas since her son`s death. The first Australian film starring Auslan (Australian Sign Language) features a young writer with a stutter and his deeply deaf friend trying to work with an entertainment industry mentor who betrays them with a plan to steal their idea for their own benefit. Almost immediately after receiving the script for The Burden of Being Me, Gareth began to change the characters and plot to suit him both as an actor and as a producer. His wife, Lillian Donahue, a highly respected entertainment lawyer, is fascinated by the script and recognizes Reuben as a talented writer. But Gareth uses his industry expertise and gas lighting tactics to take creative control of Reuben, while manipulating Lillian to help her by using her long-delayed desire to have children as a lever for emotional blackmail. Obedience, Lillian wrote treatises that greatly furthered Gareth`s interests and left Reuben empty-handed. Immediately brought into conflict by a sense of guilt, Lillian sits idly by when Gareth pressures Reuben to sign the contracts and grant him 100% of the rights. When Reuben realizes that he has been scammed, Faye offers to fund Reuben`s next project and gives him the blessing that he and Derek can work together in the future. This offer is quickly withdrawn when Reuben accidentally puts on a show of himself at Courtney`s engagement party, embarrassing the family.

Derek sides with Faye and cites that Reuben acted appropriately. Reuben was asked to leave the party immediately. The film, which was screened on the 28th. First presented in Sydney, Australia, in September 2017, at the height of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, its unabashed depiction of same-sex relationships without any intrigue revolving around coming out, homophobia or the sex industry immediately attracted attention. [8] Effective in showing a piece of the daily life of a couple who happen to be two men. [9] [10] The film also brought Paul Mercurio back into the spotlight. On April 11, 2017, hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies tried to talk about Strictly Ballroom`s 25th anniversary during a live interview for The Morning Show, but Paul led the conversation further into A Silent Agreement. [11] He was cast in Promised a few months later. The DVD was released in Australia on August 8. December 2018 after their many festival screenings; [14] [15] including screenings of special seminars for its pedagogical importance in support of Auslan and speech therapy. [16] [17] LGBT streaming service Dekkoo began distributing the film from June 2019. [18] Amazon released an NTSC DVD in September 2019.

[19] It was a great example of how the world of the hearing and the deaf came together. .