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22. A child volunteers to leave the room where he is invited to touch an object agreed by the other players. One of its useful functions is to provide agreed standards for devices, including medical devices. 23. He had the feeling that the police were being ambushed somewhere, waiting for the agreed signal and ready to reach out. 20. The duly drafted agreement contains only those provisions which the partners have fully discussed and approved. A sentence composed with „agreed“ contains at least two independent clauses. These two independent sentences can be combined with a comma and a coordination conjunction, or with a semicolon. 14. The waiting period for payment agreed by both parties is the repayment period. Negotiations have been agreed as a means of resolving the dispute.

7. It is important that the agreed tasks are absolutely clear. A complex sentence with „agreed“ contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, who), sequence/time (since, during), or causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause. When you started learning English, you may have memorized words such as: English meaning of the word „agreed“; But now that you have a better understanding of the language, there is a better way for you to learn the meaning of „agreed“ through sample sentences. 12. Although generally accepted, vagal innervation of idioventricular pacemakers is not. 11. They knew that the agreed time would soon come to an end, and they did not want to be lost or uncreated like their former lost master. The resumption of (peace) talks will only be possible if the agreed commitments are strictly implemented by the regime and the foreign powers that support it. This set of criteria is reviewed and approved by the user community or a governing body before being published and accepted for use. 26.

I took care of the mouth-to-mouth ventilation and told my partner to give the agreed signal for „Found Alive“, five long screams spaced five seconds apart, or five large circles with the flashlight. After the four-year period, at the agreed time, the four brothers met at the four intersections; and after welcoming each other, they went to their father`s house, where they told him what had happened to them and how everyone had learned a trade. 8. Once a transitional government is agreed and installed, all sanctions could be lifted. When the time came, the father and son went together to the agreed place, and the son drew a circle on the floor and placed himself and his father in the middle. 30. Party A shall bear interest on the use of L/C and the advance payment of Part B. The annual interest rate is agreed at 7.5%. On May 21, Haqqani announced that Massoud and Hekmatyar had agreed but had not signed a five-point peace pact. 18.

We must put into practice everything that has been agreed and reach agreement on everything that can be granted. 29. Section 225 The proceeds of the possession or use of the rented object belong to the lessee, unless the parties agree otherwise. This was agreed between the two friends as the only thing that needed to be done; and Colonel Wallis should help in every way possible. It was agreed what should be; and every body he used to be guided to assure him that it would be to his delight; and since he himself had feelings that almost admitted it, he began to think that at some point – maybe in a year or two – it might not be so bad if the marriage took place. 21. Only if they are identified and agreed at that time are they specific goods. 13. It essentially contains everything we agreed on in our negotiations. As there is no certainty that a transition period will be agreed, companies should consider the scenario in which a hard Brexit would take place on 30 March 2019.

10. For example, if a start date is agreed, one of the main assumptions is: „The initiation of the study depends on the receipt of samples and standards and the approval of the protocol by the client.“ 25. The special contractual conditions and other rights and obligations of the parties are agreed in the real estate transfer contract by both contracting parties. Sentence types can also be combined. A complex sentence composed with „agreed“ contains at least two independent sentences and at least one dependent sentence. A simple sentence with „agreed“ contains a subject and a verb, and it can also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause. 6. Thus, the couple had concluded a simple contract. 17.

If no insurable value has been agreed between the insurer and the insured, the insurable value is calculated as follows. The word „agreed“ in the sample sentences. „okay“ in one sentence. How to use „agreed“ in a sentence. 10 examples of „agreed“ phrases. 20 examples of simple „agreed“ sentences. It was a relief for me when they finally agreed on a compromise. 5. Perhaps the most agreed and at the same time least understood symbol is K for a strikethrough. 27.

One of the criticisms of the G-8 commitment is its vague wording regarding the base year to determine the agreed emission reduction. 28. Just as they were removing the delicate beast from the brooch, they saw Edmond jump from rock to rock with the audacity of a chamois, and they drew the agreed signal. 2. Once the details are agreed, the results will be announced. 24. Living conditions and other aspects of accommodation are agreed in a separate written agreement. The main thing we both agreed on was to restore trust, end the blame game against each other and create a positive atmosphere, we will work to build a trust protocol to avoid such a situation in the future. Certainly, there are still words that you do not know. But if you learn whole sentences with „agreed“ instead of the word „agreed“ itself, you can learn much faster! 16. The price for the award of the bonds shall be agreed between the assignor and the assignee. Objectively, the tribunal does not have jurisdiction over the dispute, negotiations have been agreed as a means of settling the dispute.

The plan was discussed and agreed at a family council, as Ms. Kirke gladly accepted Jo and promised to provide her with a comfortable home. 9. Then, realistic and measurable specific measures can be agreed, including perhaps a contingency plan. 3. History is a series of lies that have been agreed. Napoleon Bonaparte All parts of the English language are used to form sentences. All sentences consist of two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also called the predicate).

The subject is the person or thing that does something or is described in the sentence. The verb is the action that the person or thing performs or the description of the person or thing. If a sentence does not contain a subject and verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.B. in the sentence „I went to bed“, we do not know who went to bed). constituted or contracted by agreement or agreement (National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NCI Thesaurus) If the problem persists, please visit our Help Center and let us know about the problem. Sentences are everywhere. Without sentences, the language doesn`t really work. Why is it important to focus on sentences? Sentences are more than just sequences of words. These are thoughts, ideas and stories. Just as letters form words, words form sentences. Sentences construct language and give it personality.

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