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We expect a trend weakness in Turkey, although we would not be surprised to see a short-term rally if a government is formed, with a coalition, there will probably be a greater need for a barrel of pork policy, and the question is whether this will jeopardize fiscal conservatism, which has been a feature of Turkey so far. We feel quite uncomfortable with this mixture. 1. A little talent is a good thing if you want to become a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember each scar. – Stephen King 2. I saw how much he suffered from the requirement to be intelligent. This separated him from his soul and brought him only a livelihood. – Mark Helprin, a soldier of the First World War „Food and shelter are necessities of life“; „the essence of the good life“; „allow farmers to buy their needs on favourable terms“; „a place where the need for water, fuel and feed can be bought“ This inflexible requirement was a fundamental obstacle to funding high-speed trains in our country, will our leaders force projects across the United States to seek financial support for infrastructure in our country from foreign governments? This is the request of the United Nations Security Council, and we continue to work. Necessity, essential, prerequisite, required, necessary name We expect an increasing number of nations to meet the minimum requirement of 2 [percent] of GDP.

To meet today`s challenges, all members of the Alliance must live up to their commitments. You have no choice. 1. Name, singular or mass Although this is not a requirement, it may be useful to register your service dog. Nglish: Translation of the requirement for Spanish speakers „requirement“. Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 4 January 2022. This means that pressure on the government to do more to boost growth will increase, we expect a reduction in the reserve requirement ratio in December, the introduction of reverse repo this week and another rate cut in the first quarter. The yuan is expected to continue to rise according to the data. obligation, requirements, condition, condition, claim, limitation period, need, needs, criteria, prerequisite, prescription, requirement, duty, necessity, imperative, status, limitation, provisions, mandatory, determination, obligation, requirements, „the demands of his work are detrimental to his health“; „There were a lot of requests about his time“ name. [`rɪˈkwaɪrmənt`] something needed in advance. Synonyms: Need, Necessary, Essential, Prerequisite, Necessity, Prerequisite, Need, Necessity Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of additional definitions and advanced search – ad-free! Antonyms: choice, contingency, doubt, doubt, doubt, questionability, coincidence, freedom, option, possibility, uncertainty A necessity or prerequisite; something necessary or obligatory.

Synonyms: coercion, fate, state of emergency, essential, necessity, limb, death, fate, indispensability, indispensable, necessity, need, sine qua non condition, inevitability, urgency, lack. . Preposition: The necessity of capitulation; the need for action; It is a necessity for me. Synonyms: essential, demanding, required, necessary, necessary, the prior necessity is the quality, being necessary, or the quality of what can only be true, becoming true or being accepted as true. Need and will always imply a deficiency; Necessity can be used in this sense, but in the higher philosophical sense, necessity simply refers to the exclusion of any alternative, whether in thought or in fact; Justice is a necessity (not a need) of the divine nature. Need proposes the possibility of delivering the impairment that desire expresses; Talking about a person`s weakness in decision-making simply indicates a weakness in their character; To say that he needs decisions implies that he can exercise or realize them. Applied to a defect, necessity is more imperative than necessity; a tired person needs rest; When rest becomes a necessity, he has no choice but to stop working. An essential is something, as a quality or element that belongs to the essence of something else, to be inseparably related to it in its normal state or in any complete idea or statement of it.