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withdraw; recall or withdraw; than to withdraw the false accusations. Withdrawal occurs when you withdraw something, such as a withdrawal from your bank account. Withdrawal from the patient may be a sign of depression. Some say they believe ISIS will simply withdraw from the city without engaging in fierce fighting. Will Christian pharmacists, farm workers, florists and for-profit wedding chapels really withdraw from society, as you describe? „eliminate a threat“; „Remove a package“; „Remove dirty dishes from the table“; „Take the gun out of your pocket“; „This machine removes heat from the environment“; „Normally you can withdraw up to £50 in cash“; (intransitive) Being deprived of an addictive drug, etc. „It prevented me from taking the pill – my partner is now withdrawing“; Withdrawing means taking something back or moving away from a situation. You can withdraw money from the bank or withdraw from a dispute if it gets out of control. A cruiser appears and the eyes narrow and the citizens often withdraw. The manner in which his prisoner was sufficiently appeased the officer; and he waved to his companions to withdraw.

As a result, the commander of the Picquets withdrew his men and sent a message to Auersperg. A survey conducted by student analysis firm College Reaction shows that 4% of all students are considering temporarily retiring. She was separated from her colleagues after being overwhelmed by smoke and heat, and she was ordered to retreat. „Withdraw.“ dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed January 9, 2022. Take back or take away as what has been offered or appreciated; to withdraw; encourage people to move or retire; such as the withdrawal of aid, favours, capital or otherwise. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „remove.“ The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. So they found both a technical solution and a way for people to remove or delete their biometric data with complete freedom of choice. „it is possible for the cocaine user to stop without medication“; „Patients were removed from treatment if they were without depression for a month“; Their withdrawal of support forced the official to resign. The attention of the public, always vigilant and timid, hardly waits for the spectacle of danger to sound the alarm and withdraw its favor.

For the first time in 18 days and nights, it was determined that it was possible to withdraw the 29th Division from the shooting. He has just announced the withdrawal of his resignation. „It is impossible for God to remove His presence from anything.“ „After the retreat, they found that firefighter Craig-Lewis was missing,“ Philadelphia Fire Marshal Derrick Sawyer said. The word remove comes from Middle English and always means to draw or take back, as if you were withdrawing your hand when holding someone`s hand. A new definition of withdrawal is to stay away from others or stop participating in something. You can withdraw from society by hiding in your home, or withdraw from school by dropping out of school. Another way to withdraw is to promise to do something, but then change your mind. „the party has threatened to withdraw its support for the government“; „UN troops have withdrawn from the province“; „Both countries have agreed to withdraw their troops“; Late last week, an agreement was reached with the governor of Oregon on the withdrawal of troops. When he finished speaking, he ordered him to withdraw for an hour; After that time, he told her about his resolution. When you announced that you would no longer run for president, your withdrawal from the race disappointed your many supporters. Withdrawal is also used to describe the painful experience that occurs when you stop taking an addictive drug (when you „remove“ it from your system).

The state of emotional detachment is called withdrawal. When a country terminates an agreement such as a treaty, it is also a withdrawal. Remember that retirement ends with „wal“ and not just „wl“. Remove something concrete, for example. B by lifting, pushing, lifting, etc. or removing something abstract; „He remained silent and withdrew into himself“; „They retired to their rooms for a nap“; withdraw from a previous commitment or activity; Remove or remove (something) from a specific location or position to retire; withdraw; leave a business or place; to leave; That`s when he retired from the company. 13. Century, in the defined transitive sense meaning 1a „She drew $2,000 from the account“; „The doctors obtained medical supplies from the hospital`s emergency bank“; Care of a person receive what has been previously entrusted to him. Usually refers to money.

Stop participating in an activity or being a member of a team or organization, go to another place in search of peace or privacy or no longer provide it (something that was previously delivered or offered) He gained ground in India, but then withdrew his forces and brought them back close to their starting positions. A birth control method that involves removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. „He said goodbye when he realized he could no longer cope with the demands of the presidency.“ The type of metabolic shock that the body suffers when a substance, usually a toxin such as heroin, on which a patient depends is retained. Sometimes used with the substance as a modifier „He sequestered himself in his study to write a book“; „Recall of defective car tires“; „The manufacturer tried to recall the spoiled yogurt“; „We have to fight to meet him.“ „He has withdrawn from his previous promise“; „The aggressive investment company has done well“; „I want to detach myself from his influence“; „Gear decoupling“; Some of the words that will take place the week until 16. April 2021, it read: „The enemy has withdrawn“; „The limousine moved away from the sidewalk“; the action of ceasing to participate in an activity, „his rival withdrew from the race in the second round“; say that (a statement made) is false or unjustified to prevent (someone) from participating in an activity to release something that contains, connects or implies; (intransitive) Stop talking or interacting with other people and thinking about thoughts that have nothing to do with what`s going on in the environment. „She opened the lid and removed a thin diamond ring.“ „Ruth withdrew her hand from hers“; The FDA withdrew its approval after several studies in different parts of the world showed that hydroxychloroquine can actually be dangerous. .